Types of Exercises for Kayla Itsines’ BBG Program

Should you buy the Kayla Itsinesapp? When considering different fitness apps it’s important to consider the types of exercises that are involved. This will help to determine to have effective the program is for burning fat and shedding weight. Here are some of the types of exercises that are included in the program:


  1. Cardio

Some of the sessions for the BBG 1.0/2.0 programs include low-intensity exercises, while others include high-intensity exercises. The latter requires you to do some hard cardio, rest, then repeat.


Cardio is important for various reasons. It helps to make your heart and lungs healthier, for example. It also helps to boost your heart rate and blood flow, which can provide many benefits. In terms of calorie-burning cardio and strength exercises can provide more weight loss than doing one or the other.


  1. Strength/resistance

This is another important type of exercise that included in Kayla’s fitness program. It involves using your own body weight or exercise equipment to create weight resistance. This can include a medicine ball, free weights, kettlebell, and so on. You can also include exercises such as planks and push-ups that make your body work against gravity.


Regardless of which types of exercises you do, these are important exercises for various reasons. For example, they help to make your muscles stronger and more toned. That can help to improve your overall health, which is a plus.


  1. Stretching

This is a type of low-intensity exercise that’s especially important as a warm-up. It can help to get your muscles warm, blood flowing, etc. That, in turn, will help to produce better results when you do cardio or strength exercises afterward. However, it’s important to get your workout started with a warm-up to prevent injury as well. That’s because cold muscles are more likely to get injured.


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