Sprays for Carpets to Keep Pets from Peeing

These days, every homeowner have a pet either a dog or a cat. These kinds of pets are usually domesticated because it is easy to take care of them compared to other animals. They can also be trained in such a manner of food and discipline them regarding not allowing them to be in certain areas in your home. However, Animals will always be animals and sometimes, you can not control their urge to do their own thing too such as peeing.


The truth about dog urine has the most unpleasant smell that you do not want because their urine is rich in the enzyme, Ammonia, and hormones. So if this does happen that your dog peed on your carpet, this can be a very stressful case. For you to prevent your dog from urinating, of course, you’d want it to have potty training, one factor that you can begin with is to encourage your dog in having it pee outdoor. However, if it happens that you dog eventually peed on the carpet make sure that you can clean first with either calling for a professional Las Vegas carpet cleaning to areas before implementing in using solutions for the carpet.


Here are the following spray solutions that you can use for your carpet so that your pet will no longer have the time to linger on the carpet as well.


  1. White vinegar- this is known to be one of the most effective carpet cleaners of all times aside from it as a deodorizer. This also acts as one of the repellants. Dogs have a sensitive smell which a white vinegar causes a stingy smell.


  1. Lemon juice- a freshly squeezed lemon juice with water and sprinkle it all over the area where it has the pee off your dog. Lemons are also a good deodorizer. Its citric acid helps remove the stain and odor.


  1. Rubbing alcohol- of course, you are not just spraying and removing stains but as well as sanitizing the area where your dog has peed. This is to protect you from getting any spread of germs. Use a 70% isopropyl alcohol to sanitize the area.


Remember when all else fails, there is another option for you to have, and that is contacting your Las Vegas carpet cleaning company to assist you in doing all the work done.