Designer Bags Made Of Stingray Leather And Other Bags Made Of Genuine Leather

This article is about designer handmade leather bags, how to distinguish genuine leather from a fake handbag stingray Leather – outrageous novelty in the world of designer handbags.

Even the most fashionable and expensive dress would look incomplete without accessories. That’s bracelets, belts, scarves and bags made of leather attached to the image of uniqueness and can turn even any outfit from everyday to evening.


Each woman chooses a bag in accordance with her taste, style and color of the dress. For everyday use, the girls choose bags of leather, they are very durable and beautiful. For special occasions ladies prefer bags made of leather handicrafts. Designer bags made of leather are always elegant and stylish. That your bag was truly unique, you can sew designer handbag from leather made to order. This accessory will be an ornament to any woman, will highlight her personality and describe the character of its owner.

Designer bags made of genuine leather can be a terrific gift for every woman. And do not even really matter what size and color a gift will be, its owner will find it to use.

It’s no secret that today handbags are made from poor-quality leather or even leatherette and given by irresponsible sellers as leather ones. Difficult to determine the counterfeit bag if it is varnished with embossed. Make sure that the accessory was sewn from high quality material. Only such a bag would happy its possessor for a long time and to remind her of you.

For sewing handbags use a skin of varying quality. Genuine calf leather is mainly used for handbags, which is considered inexpensive. For more sophisticated women of fashion famous and experienced designers offer designer bags of genuine leather handmade. Typically, exotic leather is used for such designer handbags: crocodile, ostrich, shark, lizard, rhinoceros, deer, snakes and many others. This bag will be an exquisite decoration for any outfit.


Designer bags made of genuine stingray skin appeared on store shelves recently, but have been able to find their fans. Genuine leather of stingray is distinguished by its unusual texture and softness, amazing strength and durability. Stingray skin is excreted as a relief and a flat, which allows designers to create masterpieces from genuine leather. A variety of colors, natural luster, and unusual texture is an irresistible desire to own such a bag. It does not cause trouble for caring, it is enough just wipe with a damp cloth. Designer handmade stingray leather bags do not get wet and at the same time resistant to fire. It is through the fire you can see whether from the handbag is made of genuine leather or a fake. Looking closely to the structure of the skin, it is not hard to see the small stones emerging the pattern, the so-called “pearl star.” So, if the center of this pattern bring with the flames, then this skin will not melt, but the plastic will smoke. With all the pros designer bags made of genuine stingray skin are relatively inexpensive, of course, if it is not a handmade.

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