8 Tips for gaining more YouTube video views

Have you always wanted to become a success on YouTube? Success on YouTube can be measured in a number of different ways. And one way to check YouTube success is by looking at the number of views that your video has; the more views that a video has the better your chances of becoming successful on YouTube, this is a fact that many YouTube users know. Would you like to know how to gain more views for your videos? There are actually a few things that you can do if you want to increase your video view count and that is by following any one of these tips below.



  1. Purchase YouTube video views

You can easily get more views if you choose to buy them. You can even buy real youtube views if you want to rapidly make sure that your YouTube video reaches the top viewed page on YouTube.


  1. Upload a good looking view thumbnail

You can attract more people into clicking your YouTube video if you upload and use an attractive thumbnail. The better your thumbnail, the more people will watch your video.


  1. Focus on creating quality content for your videos

You should also focus on uploading quality content for your videos if you want to make sure that people will watch them.


  1. Share your video on other social media

Another trick you can try to use to draw more traffic to your YouTube video page is to share your video on social media. You should post links to your video on various kinds of social media.


  1. You can advertise your channel

You can also choose to purchase advertising slots for your YouTube channel, to increase the aware of people who know about your channel.


  1. Have a good title for your videos

And one way to really attract more viewers for your videos is to use a catchy title in order to draw more views.