26 inch large electric fully functional JXD remote control helicopter

This is one of the best larger RC helicopters for those who wanted to take their experience on a whole new level. JXD remote control helicopters come with a full HD camera that is built-in to the helicopter and not only that, there is a free 2GB micro SD card! The package also includes a memory card reader in order to transfer media files to your computer. It is powered by electricity providing different buttons and switches for any direction. It comes with a gyroscope in order to maintain the stability while you are flying and also includes 3.5 channel nice high gloss paint job lightweight composite shell large scale. In terms of durability, it is made out of high power metal alloy and it is specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use. There is a bright LED light which makes it perfect for a late evening stroll and other purposes.

larger RC helicopters

If you are looking for a great investment for larger RC helicopters with great specifications and features, you might have found what you are looking for. Aside from its beautiful appearance, it is durable, extra-large and the camera footage is in high definition quality. You should always consider the new features and specifications that it provides because you are not going to find another great deal as much as this one is. Perfect for those who wanted to spend a little bit costly in a high-quality remote control helicopter.

The only downside is that you are not able to fly it without strong winds and also, there are no data about the operations of the camera. All the videos that are saved on your micro SD cards are the only ones that you can transfer to your computer.